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Choose Your Cosmic Smudging Kit!

Smudging Kits

  • Smudging is when you burn dry herbs or sacred wood to cleanse and purify the energy in you and around you. It is very simple and very effective. 


    Smudging can be used for many reasons:


    - To raise your vibration ANY time

    - To clear the energy after an argument

    - To cleanse the space of any unwanted energy you feel

    - To call in Spirit/Source 

    - To connect with your Higher Self on another level

    - To take your meditation practice to the next level 


    And many more!!!!



    You literally are transforming the frequency, therefore this is a MUST when it comes to your Spiritual Tool Kit. 


    Wield Your Magic and smudge your way the BS that comes up in life!!


    **all kits are made by hand by The Cosmic Chick**

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