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about us

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Meet Haley Jane 

Chief Energizing Oracle (CEO) of
The Cosmic Chick

Quantum Human Design Specialist
Sound Healing Practioner
EFT Practitioner (emotional freedom technique)
Reiki Practitioner
Light Language Channel
Intuitive Healer
Energy Navigator
Quantum Business Builder
meet my aura aka human design

1/3 emotional manifesting generator
with defined energy of the
56, 21/45, 44, 59/6, 10/34, 34/20, 47, 3, 38, 19, 55, 30, 22, 36, 15, 2

Humans are a complicated species, with many emotions, feelings, thoughts, responses, actions, and beliefs. There is so much to understand about how we operate, as spiritual, energetic, and physical beings to truly be able to co-create with The Universe. Most of this is and was not taught to us by our caregivers and/or school teachers, leaving a huge gap between the physical and quantum worlds. The human-to-spirit connection is desiring more for us...... 

 This is why I created The Cosmic Chick - to bridge the gap that I once fell into between my human and my spirit. I walked around for years feeling disconnected, disempowered, and confused, and through listening to my higher self and diving deep into understanding spirituality, energy, human design, and emotions, I was able to truly start feeling ALL of my magic. 

Through massive healing and much more, I was able to overcome drug addiction, obesity, homelessness, abuse, trauma, and autoimmune disease, all while being a single mom. Now I have multiple thriving businesses, The Cosmic Chick, Build With H.E.R., and Rhapsody Labs, that give me financial freedom and a sense of belonging to my mission here on Earth. Each one is so uniquely me, and crossing all the dimensions from the Earthly realm, all the way to the Quantum realm. 

I am currently working on bringing all of what I created together under one container, our parent company, the name is still in the works.


But what do I visualize? My own created empire, from nothing but love and light, where I give back, help this planet and its people ascend, and live in pure abundance in all ways. 


I am also an artist, musician, designer, and badass business babe who has been building corporate and small businesses & managing 30+ million dollar projects with ease for the last decade.


I am birthing creations daily, including an original music album, movie-scoring compositions, children's book series, Spiritual apparel, magical products, and more.

I AM SO F* CONNECTED!! And I desire you to be too!

I've discovered & healed myself on so many levels through the work I do and continue to do so daily, only becoming that much more magical 

For the last 6 years, I have studied esoteric theories, emotional intelligence, sound healing, heart math, higher consciousness, breathwork, meditation, and more. I am certified in Quantum Human Design, Sound Healing, Moonology, EFT, Quantum Business, and more. (1/3 manifesting generator types can attest to the MORE part, lol). 


I am an intuitive healer and a strong channel. I feel, receive, and download solutions, creativity,, healing sounds, and connect with galactic guidance. I manifest with ease and now as I have done the studying, experimenting, and consistent energy work needed,


I have created private containers, programs, masterclasses, masterminds, meditations, products, clothing, videos, and more to help you get connected to spirituality, human design, energetics, emotions, manifestation, and ultimately, the Quantum!

I am Ms. BIG ENERGY!  I invite you to come into my world in any way that feels good for you!

And I ask you and your higher-self -

Are You Ready To Get Intimate With The Universe
And make magic ?!


Why This Work?

As we know, riding the waves of this life is very challenging. Every day is so different. Because of the work I have done, it has become an instinct for me to ride with ease, and the Universe has whispered to my core, asking me to spread knowledge, awareness, and light. So here I am, Halo Jane, walking as an Earth Angel in plain disguise, hoping to help you raise your daily feelings from the place of REAL.

I am committed to building a Quantum Economy, one where we all are so f* magical as we create and become ANYTHING we wish!

I invite you to get Quantum and connect with me. I am on all social media platforms, and also have a FREE Facebook Group where you can join to ride the HIGH THRIVING VIBES. Head to CONNECT at the top of the page for all links!!

Sending BIG ENERGY, 

Haley Jane, The Cosmic Chick

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