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Can I tell you why we all should relate to the firefly?✨️

Fireflies have always been a part of my healing journey, ever since childhood.

When I was a little girl I often times would escape the "dark days" by sneaking out at dusk to play in the field of green grass, filled with fireflies.

As my view would light up with hundreds of them, I would spend (what felt like) hours catching as many as I could, filling up jars to stare at in awe. ✨️

And although I could be "caught" at any moment

I was fascinated by their glow and how unique they were as an I didn't stop.


One day as I was hypnotized by their aura, I began to really SEE the firefly and the fact that the bright beauty of this insect could only be seen the darker the environment was, until eventually all we see is a light dancing with the darkness, with such grace, and that was sooo tantalizing and captivating to watch.

I said to myself-

"Light can only ever shine brighter the darker it is"

This thought changed me.

Those moments on the grass helped me feel magic, helped me believe that if an insect could glow with grace in the absence of light, so could I.

And shit ain't I just a glowstick and a half now! 😂🤣

With everything I desired to be true for me while in those dark days of my my life being in fact 100% true right now, it really shows how potent it is to not only relate to the firefly but to SEE it to receive channeled whispers from the Universe.


As humans, as spirits, as emotional beings on a planet that can activate us to feel heaviness in ways we never imagined - the more we dance with our darkness, inside and out, the brighter our light shines and the more seen we become.


I invite you to walk with this concept in hand and if you desire to "glow up", join my free cosmic community (if you are not already there!).

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