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Human Design Uncovered

Book a reading today to uncover your HD! 

What is Human Design? Find out here

Join the container of magical women where we meet 2X a month, connecting to Ms. Moon and all of her phases throughout the solar year, diving deep into New Moon and Full Moon Rituals. 


4.12  New Moon

5.11  New Moon

6.10  New  Moon

7.10  New  Moon

8.8  New  Moon

9.7  New  Moon

10.6  New Moon

11.4  New  Moon

12.4  New  Moon

4.26  Pink Moon

5.26  Flower Moon

6.24  Strawberry Moon

7.23  Buck Moon

8.22  Sturgeon Moon

9.20  Harvest Moon

10.20  Hunter’s Moon

11.19  Beaver Moon

12.18  Cold Moon


New Moon Ritual Delivered via FB Live in Moon Magic Group
Full Moon Ritual Delivered via ZOOM- link in Moon Magic Group
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