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- Bridging human to spirit -

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- Navigating Energy -


- Embodying The Quantum-

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Meet Halo Jane 

Founder & CEO

Humans are a complicated species, with many emotions, feelings, thoughts, responses, actions, and beliefs. There is so much to understand about how we operate, as energetic and physical beings. 

The Cosmic Chick is bridging the gap between humans and spirit through understanding ourselves, diving deep inside and outside of our human, and navigating the energy veil that lies just above our genius, with ease. Focusing on spirituality, human design, emotional awareness and mastery, consciousness, manifestation, meditation/visualizations, sound healing, astrology, psychic tools, and more to develop an understanding of knowing, and being, with full trust in intuition, immersed fully in Source. 

Being human is challenging at times. I know I tend to weave, in and out, intertwining Yin and Yang, dark and light.  No matter what,  I find my way back to the light every single time through stripping my soul down and getting intimately connected, with my higher self, with my shadows, with others, with my dreams, with my passions, and with the Universe. Riding the waves of life has become an instinct for me, and the Universe has whispered to my core, asking to spread the knowledge, awareness, and light. So here I am, Halo Jane, walking as an Earth Angel in plaIn disguise hoping to help you raise your daily feels from the place of REAL.

Halo Jane, The Cosmic Chick

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