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Human design coaching packages

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Post HD Reading 1X Special Pricing Offer


Human Design will call to your core, inviting you to explore.

You will find yourself on a deeper level each time you decide to take the LEAP!

If you are feeling this and ready to dive into your human design, say YES! by clicking on the package link above.


This more in-depth commitment can include:


- How to really co-create with the Universe

- Your unique energy imprint

- Your gifts

- Potential challenges

- What you are here to share with the world

- How to improve relationships (love, family, friends)

- Manifestation Mechanics - become magnetic AF

- Energy self-care

- Boom Your Business By Design

- 3 Keys to True Alignment to your HD

- Connect to your Sacral (Sacral Sessions - Generator Types Only)

- Learn to use your strategy with certainty

Each session is tailored to you!

About Your Coach













Halo Jane is a certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, currently in mastery Level 4, and Spiritual and Energy Coach. Halo has performed many HD readings for amazing human beings and has had the honor to work with clients 1 on 1 in many different countries, and focuses on Activating Spirits and Healing Hearts, aligning to Quantum via your Human Design. 


A little about the potent power of Human Design


As Humans we get conditioned, to think, feel and act in ways that are not who we truly are. Human Design not only shows you your truth but helps to DECONDITION from what and who "we think we are", aligning to the BEST version of ourselves.


It is a powerful tool used to re-align your energy, thoughts, behavioral patterns, beliefs, and all the BS that we take on through living as humans, truly re-aligning to YOU and to who you truly are on a Soul level. 

Human Design teaches us so many things, including how to co-create with the Universe on a Quantum Level.

Human Design is also a magical tool for connecting to your Higher Self, to your truth. So if you are feeling lost, stuck, lonely, or distant from your purpose, passions, or own Spirit, you can truly use Human Design as a template to guide you to connect to your Higher Self. 


It is also a very powerful tool for communication and relationships, as you have a deeper understanding of how human beings are wired differently and how we operate differently. You can cultivate an understanding of energy to develop a better response in yourself, relationships, parenting, and more when it comes to difficult or stressed situations. 

Humans all over the world are transforming their lives and businesses on a Quantum Level with Human Design. And you can too!

Soak in the abundance of energy, and let's tell the story of your Cosmic Plan!


TERMS & CONDITIONS: By purchasing a package you acknowledge you agree with these terms and conditions; NO REFUNDS for any reason. All sessions must be used within the time allotted (1 session/wk) plus 2 additional weeks in case "life happens" and you have to reschedule unless any prior arrangements have been made. Any session canceled within 24 will be forfeited and cannot be rescheduled. All sessions will be held via ZOOM and recordings will be shared for your benefit, recording are not used for any self-promotion unless authorized by Halo Jane. 

3 Sessions - $ 444 ($21 IN SAVINGS)
6 Sessions - $777 ($157 IN SAVINGS)
9 Sessions - $1, 111 ($284 IN SAVINGS)


(if you need a payment plan - please reach out, we accept weekly and bi-weekly payments!)



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