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Spirit Box Bootcamp - How To Use Spiritual Tools

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Do you desire to really know how to use Spiritual Tools, on a practical, logistical, energetic, and Spiritual level? Join this 3 Session Masterclass with over 4 hours of content where Halo Jane discusses: - crystals - essential oils - smudging/saging - intentions - third eye magic - candle magic - goddess rituals - grounding and more! WIELD YOUR MAGIC using your Spiritual Tools, Get Intimate With Your Spirit. Learn how to transform energy, inside and out, on a whole new level. We explore the most known Spiritual tools and explore them on an intimate level. You will explore yourself and the gifts you hold, on a deeper level. You will understand how to use each tool most efficiently, really connecting to the magic of that tool. GET INTIMATE WITH YOUR SPIRIT. ** Spirit Box is the perfect companion for this masterclass!**

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