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Put Down The Pressure - Pick Up Your Power

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Are you always in your head, trying to figure things out? Do you feel the pressure of life take over? Imagine how good you would feel and how much more you could do if you did not always feel the pressure of life. Go from Pressured to Powered in 3 Sessions! Put Down The Pressure and Pick Up Your Power Through the Lens of Human Design This program is 3 sessions of energetic intelligence upgrades. During these 3 session you will: -Identify pressure centers in Human Design, understand how this energy works and why. Intimacy with your brain -Give a voice to your pressure -Put it down - via journaling, visualizations, and EFT tapping -Pick Up Your Power, your intuitive energy gifts. I am going to teach you how to connect to the magic in these centers. -Connect to your Spirit, riding the high vibes you want to feel all the time - Uncover energy patterns and behaviors that will transform your life ​- Become the director of your energy - Get the f* out of your head ​- Grow your awareness - Get intimate AF with your brain ​- Expand your limits, expand your life - Manifest on a whole new level - Put down the pressure feeling and pick up the empowering experience I cannot wait to see your transformation! See you on the other side.

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