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Human Design Readings - Family Sessions

Get your family's charts read & analyzed by HD Specialist Halo Jane.

  • 2 hr
  • 322 US dollars
  • Zoom Call

Service Description

Family dynamics are so important. We live, eat, sleep, and BE with our family members, which is both rewarding and challenging, as they impact our lives deeply, on every level. Having a healthy family dynamic (I like to call it a Quantum Family Dynamic) is possible, and the answers we seek about each other do exist, in the form of Human Design. It's all in the energy! Explore each family member's unique quantum blueprint through Human Design Family Sessions with Halo Jane. Remember, Human Design is the 'Science of Differentiation', and understanding how we are all so unique in our own way helps build strong, resilient relationships on all levels. Each member (up to 4 family members) will be read LIVE and analyzed by Halo Jane. We will uncover each HD chart, focusing on each specific energetic profile individually and then as a whole family unit. (Don't worry if this HD terminology is new to you, this reading will open the door to all you need to know, including resources!) During this session, we explore the uniqueness of each family member, including Type, Profile, Authority, Centers, Circuitry, and Energy Archetypes of the Gates. Diving into mastery and unbalanced expressions of the energy, how they best make decisions, and much more. We also highlight the magic and problem areas when charts are combined, which can have a positive lasting impact on your relationship with each member of your family and as a whole. The more you understand yourself and the more you understand each family member, the deeper the roots grow, the stronger the connection becomes between you and your loved one, and the tighter the bond between your family becomes, regardless of if the member(s) are conscious and present during the reading or not! (We recommend having all family members being read sit in the reading if possible, but not necessary) This session is designed to dive deep into understanding how Human Design is a powerful tool for communication and relationships, as you have a deeper understanding of how we each are wired so differently and how we operate differently. You can cultivate an understanding of energy to develop a better response in yourself, relationships, parenting, partnering, and more especially when it comes to the high highs and the low lows. You will leave with the recording of the session (which you can share with your family members) a personalized Human Design Chart, Gate Chart, and Circuitry Chart for each family member. <3

Cancellation Policy

Must cancel 48 prior to day of booking in order to reschedule. No refunds. **LIVE GROUP CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS CANNOT BE CANCELLED - NO REFUNDS**

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