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4 elements - 1 box 




UNIVERSAL mission - bridge human to Spirit & TRANSFORM ENERGY INSIDE AND OUT - anytime - anywhere !!!


Use Spirit Box to TRANSFORM ENERGY, inside and out, anytime, anywhere. Whether you are at home or on the go, rest assured you can truly turn on the magic within your human being while connecting to your Spirit by using all tools in Spirit Box.


In my belief, combining spiritual tools, only to what intuitively feels right at the moment, allows you to connect to your inner and outer worlds on a Quantum level, where you can align, heal and activate and manifest the f*uck out of EVERYTHING you desire.


Consider yourself a Spiritual Tool newbie? No problem! Check out the Spirit Box Guided Meditation & Spirit Box Prayer to GET INTIMATE WITH YOUR SPIRIT and Align, Heal & Activate. Download QR code inside of Spirit Box!


Get Intimate With Your Spirit!  


The box itself is made of natural wood and includes:


The box itself is made of natural wood and includes:

-  7-Piece Chakra Raw Stone Set (Earth Element)

- Candles By Ashley - 'Positive Vibes Only' Hand-Poured Soy Candle (Fire Element)

- "Relax Love" Essential Oil Roller Ball (Earth Element)

- Sol Geometry's Flower Essence (Earth/Water Element)

- Bag of Loose Sage (Earth/Air Element)

- Sea Shell (Water) that doubles as your mini sage burner

- Palo Santo Stick (Earth/Air Element)

- Third Eye Stone for Meditation (Earth) - Blue Kyanite

- Peacock Feather (Air) 

- Belovedly Created's "Get Intimate With Your Spirit" Bookmark that double as your peacock feather holder when you wish to pack it up and go! (Human Element)




Spirit Box is safe to take on planes and meets all TSA requirements for traveling in a carry-on. It is small and compact, saving space for traveling purposes. 


Whether you use Spirit Box at home or on your travels, rest assured all spiritual tools you need are together, in one box, Spirit Box. 


The absolute best part, is you are not just receiving my energies and love in this box of each item I sacredly handcrafted.... you are receiving love and energy from other women-owned businesses with their magical creations, supporting women-owned small businesses and art. 


๐ŸŒŸ Spirit Box ๐ŸŒŸ

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