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33% off the regular price!!!

Until 12/31


1 HR reading - $97 (normally $144)


Book now for 33% off readings during Holiday Season.

1 hour reading - $97  (normally $144)

Give the gift of knowledge, intuition, and connection this Holiday Season, to yourself, or a loved one!

Human Design gives you a tool to become closer with who you truly are, by not only understanding how your energy is hardwired and how you operate best but also what you are here to give the world, YOUR STORY!

Human Design Readings are 33% off until Dec 31!

I would love to connect, book today, or purchase as a gift for the Holidays!

About the reading:

Do you truly understand how your energy operates? 

We all have an energetic map.....our Human Design Chart. 

Human Design Uncovered will help you understand and connect to your best and highest self through dissecting the map, a.k.a your chart. No chart is the same!

We will uncover your HD chart, exploring your Type, Profile, Authority, Centers, and more. During our session, you will develop a deeper understanding of your energetic hardwiring a.k.a. the blueprint The Universe created to map out the truest expression of your energy, the story your soul is here to tell. 

As Humans we get conditioned, to think, feel and act in ways that are not who we truly are. Human Design helps us DECONDITION. It is a tool used to re-align your energy, thoughts, behavioral patterns, beliefs, and more BS that we take on through living as humans, truly re-aligning to YOU. To who you truly are on a Soul level. 

Human Design is also a magical tool for connecting to your Higher Self, to your truth. So if you are feeling lost, stuck, lonely, or distant from your purpose, passions, or own Spirit, you can truly use Human Design as a template to guide you to connect to your Higher Self. 


It is also a very powerful tool for communication and relationships, as you have a deeper understanding of how human beings are wired differently and how we operate differently. You can cultivate an understanding of energy to develop a better response in yourself, relationships, parenting, and more when it comes to difficult or stressed situations. 

This session will give you the foundation of information needed to understand Human Design to better all areas of your life, including self-awareness, self-acceptance, relationships, love, parenting, and business.

Are you ready to discover YOU?

Happy Holidays sale.png


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