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Sun, Mar 24


Steel Goat Marketplace

Full Moon in Libra Ceremony - Soul Date - Sound Bath - Meditation

Don't just witness the Full Moon, experience it! Embark on the transformative power of the full moon in Libra with Haley Jane. Release what no longer serves you, cultivate balance, and heal.

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Full Moon in Libra Ceremony - Soul Date - Sound Bath - Meditation
Full Moon in Libra Ceremony - Soul Date - Sound Bath - Meditation

Time & Location

Mar 24, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT

Steel Goat Marketplace, 200 Jefferson Rd, Penn Hills, PA 15235, USA

About the event

🌕 Soul Date Series: Luminous Libra Full Moon Ceremony

Join Haley Jane, the cosmic guide and visionary behind The Cosmic Chick, for the next magical installment of the Soul Date Series. This time, we gather under the spell of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, all happening in Luminous Libra on March 24th from 2:00 to 3:30 PM at the magical Steel Goat Marketplace.

🌙 Event Highlights:

  • Celestial Sound Bath: Let the ethereal sounds wash over you, harmonizing your energy and elevating your spirit. Our curated sound bath, guided by Haley Jane's expertise as a Sound Healing Practitioner, will resonate with the frequencies of the Full Moon in Libra, bringing a sense of balance and tranquility. With many sound-healing instruments, Haley creates a sound-healing concert that will take you on a multi-dimensional journey, complete with the transformative tones of the gong and heavenly sounds of crystal singing bowls.
  • Heart-Opening Cacao Ceremony: Indulge in a soulful cacao ceremony, heightening the connection with your heart center and amplifying intentions set during this potent lunar phase.
  • Guided Crystal Grid Meditation Under Moonlight: Join Haley Jane in a guided meditation, allowing the radiant glow of the Full Moon to illuminate your path to self-discovery and inner harmony. Explore the power of spiritual tools with a crystal grid meditation, tapping into the energy of carefully selected crystals to amplify intentions and magnify the lunar magic.
  • Full Moon Work/Releasing Ritual: Engage in transformative rituals designed to release what no longer serves you, creating space for new beginnings and aligning with the equilibrium of Libra.
  • Cosmic Light Therapy: Embark on a cosmic voyage through galaxies, guided by the soothing lights of light therapy. Traverse celestial landscapes with our celestial lights, allowing your spirit to wander through the cosmic tapestry.

🌌 Intentions for the Soul Date:

This Soul Date is an invitation to harmonize, balance, and embrace the beauty of letting go. Join us in the heart of Steel Goat Marketplace as we gather under the Luminous Libra Full Moon to connect, release, and dance under the cosmic symphony of self-discovery.

🌟 Reserve Your Seat for Celestial Harmony:

Secure your spot now for this exclusive Soul Date on March 24th, from 2:00 to 3:30 PM, at Steel Goat Marketplace. Haley Jane invites you to a Luminous Libra Full Moon Ceremony where each moment is a dance, and every soul is a star in the cosmic sky. 🌕✨🌌 Full Moon in Libra won't return until March 2025, so do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime celestial event.

🌌 Meet Haley Jane:

✨ Quantum Human Design Specialist: Unveiling the mysteries of individual design for transformative insights.

🎵 Sound Healing Practitioner: Harnessing the power of sound to guide the soul on a journey of healing and elevation.

🌙 Moonologist: Navigating the mystical phases of the moon for intuitive wisdom and divine connection.

🌈 EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique): Tapping into the energy meridians for emotional release and empowerment.

🙌 Reiki Practitioner: Channeling universal life force energy for holistic healing and balance.

🌌 Light Language Channel: Communicating with the language of the soul and higher realms.

Astrologist: Decoding the celestial blueprint for insights into the cosmic dance of the stars.

🔮 Intuitive Healer: Bridging the spiritual and material realms for profound healing experiences.

🌠 Empath: Sensing and understanding the emotions and energies of others with depth and compassion.

🔍 Psychic/Clairvoyant: Tapping into the unseen realms for intuitive guidance and foresight.

🛤 Energy Navigator: Guiding individuals through the intricate paths of their energetic landscape.

🚀 Quantum Business Builder: Merging intuitive wisdom with practical strategies for conscious and successful ventures. With a profound ability to feel, receive, and download solutions, creativity, and healing sounds, Haley Jane is a conduit for galactic guidance.

Note from Haley: "I have traveled through moon phases with intention, harnessing its power and changing my life, one Soul Date at a time. Join me as we journey together to be intimate with our Spirit and use the magic of the moon to align, heal, activate, manifest, release, and cycle throughout this experience of living". 🌙

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