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Magnetic Human -Become Magnetic AF

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Do you feel magnetic? Are you attracting everything you desire? Becoming magnetic AF requires us to understand the energy behind what and why we attract it. This happens by the tuning of your magnetic monopole, the attraction-only magnet that lies inside of your G-CENTER (heart chakra) which is the heartbeat of what we manifest. But how do you tune into this magical magnet? Come find out inside this 3-Session program to truly upgrade your energetic intelligence to calibrate and level up your manifestations. Upgrade your energetic intelligence, crack open your heart, and become magnetic AF, all through the lens of human design. (Don't worry..If these words are new to you and you would love to learn more about the mechanics of your magnetism aka what you manifest - this program is for you too! This program is a Human Design beginner must!) This 3 session masterclass is self-paced and filled with 3 hours of content and printable human design resources.

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