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1 on 1
mentorship packages

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4 Sessions/ Month - $1, 222
2 Sessions/ Month -$ 789
(min 3-month commitment)

1 - HOUR Sessions are 100% tailored to you for that session and include:


***HALO JANE IN YOUR POCKET- you can message me anytime for business/HD/energy/Spiritual related questions/issues whenever you feel you need additional support outside of our calls. You have me in your pocket! PLUS all of this during our sessions....

1.Human Design Coaching/Alignment

2. Business Consulting (including strategy/logistics, Quantum business planning and more)
3. Sound Healing Sessions
4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Sessions
5. Spiritual How To/Growth
6. Higher Consciousness Activations
7. Energy Healing Sessions
8. Emotional Intelligence Upgrades
9. Manifestation Magic 
10. Access to The Program Portal and all recorded content while in the 1-1 container

11. Ascension Advocacy  

***My mentorship approach is to teach you how to become Quantum on a practical, spiritual and energetic level so you can become your own healer and activator, truly using all the magic within you!

My techniques, resources, and mentors will also be yours for the time we are together. If you do the work, you will walk out of our container feeling more QUANTUM, co-creating with the Universe in a magical way, and finding yourself on a new level every single day. ****

(if you need a payment plan - please reach out with a separate email requesting weekly or bi-weekly payments)

Power Up!

through 1-1 mentorship with Halo Jane


1. Human Design Coaching/Alignment - decondition from everything holding you back, step into the Quantum powers you are. 



2. Business Consulting (including strategy/logistics) - make a Quantum game plan for any project including business startup and acceleration. (Halo has 15 years of project and business experience, over 1 billion in construction and business management)


3. Sound Healing Sessions - use the power of sound to align, heal and activate. Alchemize lower vibrations.  


4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - we release emotions through energy meridians and speaking to the subconscious. 


5. Spiritual How To/Growth - learn how to use all Spiritual tools in a practical and logistical way to really make magic. Learn about Angels, Crystals, Clairs, Faith and more. 



6. Higher Consciousness Activations - calibrate to 5D and beyond through guided visualizations, heart math, penial gland work, and more!


7. Energy Healing Sessions - we will attune to whatever is happening in your life and use all the energy modalities together to align, heal and activate. 


8. Emotional Intelligence Upgrades - get the scoop on EI The Cosmic Chick way. We bring super easy logical principles to mastering your emotional and energetic intelligence. 


9. Manifestation Magic - learn how to become magnetic AF through understanding the mechanics of manifestation and quantum creation. 


10. Access to The Program Portal and all recorded content - get access to all recorded content while in 1 on 1 mentorship container, including all Quantum Human Design courses. 



11. Ascension Advocacy - take your Spiritual growth and human evolution to next level by traveling to higher realms with Halo Jane.  

If you are ready - let's GO!
Hit that button and we will reach out with all the details!!!

Meet Your Mentor!


Meet Halo Jane 

Chief Energizing Oracle (CEO) of
The Cosmic Chick

Quantum Human Design Specialist
Sound Healing Practioner
EFT Practitioner (emotional freedom technique)
Reiki Practitioner
Light Language Channel
Intuitive Healer
Energy Navigator
Quantum Business Builder
meet my aura aka human design

1/3 emotional manifesting generator
with defined energy of the
56, 21/45, 44, 59/6, 10/34, 34/20, 47, 3, 38, 19, 55, 30, 22, 36, 15, 2

And some words from Halo....


Humans are a complicated species, with many emotions, feelings, thoughts, responses, actions, and beliefs. There is so much to understand about how we operate, as spiritual, energetic, and physical beings to truly be able to co-create with The Universe. Most of this is and was not taught to us by our caregivers and/or school teachers, leaving a huge gap between the physical and quantum worlds. The human-to-spirit connection is desiring more for us...... 

 This is why I created The Cosmic Chick - to bridge the gap that I once fell into between my human and my spirit. I walked around for years feeling disconnected, disempowered, and confused, and through listening to my higher self and diving deep into understanding spirituality, energy, human design, and emotions, I was able to truly start feeling ALL of my magic. 

Through massive healing and much more, I was able to overcome drug addiction, obesity, homelessness, abuse, trauma, and autoimmune disease, all while being a single mom. Now I have multiple thriving businesses, The Cosmic Chick, Build With H.E.R., and Rhapsody Labs, that give me financial freedom and a sense of belonging to my mission here on Earth. Each one is so uniquely me, and crossing all the dimensions from the Earthly realm, all the way to the Quantum realm. 

My intention is to attract humans who are ready for all of my magic, so ready to wield their own on an intimate level. 


What have I created with this work?

  • Multiple businesses at 6 figures

  • A team of brilliant people who are in for the cause

  • Emotional intelligence that can handle anything

  • Energetic mastery that can manifest like magic

  • Artistry on a Quantum level, creating so much music, digital art, film, etc

  • Financial Freedom 

  • Time on MY CLOCK

  • Channels and downloads out the YING YANG!

  • A life that I MADE!

If you are still on the edge about jumping into the potent portal of mentorship, reach out to schedule a 15 min consult call to see if we are a match for your biggest dreams!​

I cannot wait to hear from you!

Sending BIG energy,

Love Halo Jane, The Cosmic Chick

TERMS & CONDITIONS: By purchasing a 1on1 package you acknowledge you agree with these terms and conditions; NO REFUNDS for any reason. All sessions must be used within the time allotted (1 session/wk) plus 2 additional weeks in case "life happens" and you have to reschedule unless any prior arrangements have been made. Any session canceled within 24 will be forfeited and cannot be rescheduled. All sessions will be held via ZOOM and recordings will be shared for your benefit, recording are not used for any self-promotion unless authorized by Halo Jane. Seefull list of terms and conditions in the client contract for details. 


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